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Among olive trees, prickly pears, the sea and the marvellous sunsets dafdesign arises. Tradition, innovation, land roots, desire to discover the world… these are the emotions and feelings that led to the birth of a young dafdesign deisgner from Lecce in 1999, the self-made Fernando Pezzuto.

The woman wearing dafdesign is wandering for an accessory which accomplishes her daily well-being. Dafdesign purses were born to offer to a selfish woman a personal style without being influenced by massification coming from social market. In this case she maintains her own identity and customs.

The manufacture takes place in a factory smelling of history and tradition, ex-tobacco warehouse where skinful handmade hands brushes leather, selected tissues, natural war materials, and transform everything in the excellence of Made in Italy all over the world

Fernando Pezzuto

The ability to marry his life with that of a stylist, the soul and driving forse of the farm. The first bag was born in ’99:

“I made a spot on a paper almost as a joke, after I cut an old pakistan fabric which I heat at home; I added a zipper of flower of one of my mother’s skirt; as a shoulder strap I used an accessory of the Singer sew machine and added three of my sister’s safety pins and that was all.

I still preserve it today. It’s the prototype, the beginning of everything. And though the passing of time, I find it is always actual. 16 years have passed from that time, thousands of spots and new purses have been made, so dadesign has grown in popularity all over Europe.

How does a purse design have birth? Have you studies design? No, no particular study – said Fernando! there is only the idea, the colours and the lines which come off my mind, suddenly. And then I fill a lot of sheets. Pure state Imagination, Fernando told us he worked as a teenager with his fater who was a shop keeper. “More than the trading product, for me it was important relationship with people I always had the actitude to listen to people to know their needs. Infact who is a purse designer if not a real exper of the female world?”. Starting from this, he has created a farm, not far from Lecce, in the countryside.

Fernando’s past experience has revealed a genius. Even the choice of his partners, women and-made experts from Salento are his strong point.

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